We rolled out the iPads this week. Students received them Monday morning during class, with admonitions to take care of them (because they would be case-free for a couple of weeks until we decided on a keyboard-case combo; we had advised both them and their parents to invest in an inexpensive sleeve for the interim). Their ‘homework’ was to take them home, sync them to their computer, and purhcase the list of apps I included. On Thursdsay, the tech people were on hand to put the iPads on the network, when they became fully functional in terms of class. And today was the first day of using them in class (though we didn’t use them much, because we were finishing a video that they couldn’t play on the iPads because it was Flash).

One interesting tidbit from today, however. I had planned about 2/3s of the class with the last 1/3 reserved for them to work on their three writing assignments or the reading assignment. The class without the iPads, for whom I brought in a laptop cart, almost to a student, worked on the writing assignments. The class with the iPads, again almost to a student, read their Friday Night Lights ebook. My buddy suggested that the focus of the iPad class on the books was due to a lack of a keyboard, which I thought was a good point, but I still found the discrepancy an interesting suggestion about the kinds of observations this experiment will create.

More specifics on roll out and equipment to come.