Today’s assignment is to use the Prologue & Chapter 1 of Friday Night Lights (really just the Prologue) to identify descriptive language and how it used. The class has a paper due on Wednesday in which they describe their most memorable competition (either participated in or experienced), and one of the grading criteria is use of descriptive language.

Originally,  I was going to use mini-white boards. Students find quotes, write them on white boards, share, and discuss. But of course that seems silly given that they have iPads. So I had them download MyScript Memo, a free notetaking-by-handwriting app (similar to Penultimate but I wanted to keep it free), and that will become their new ‘mini-white board’. That went fine; they downloaded the app in class and off they went.

Problem #1, however: how to cite the book? As an ebook, there are no fixed page numbers. So we agreed on a font size for the book, based on the last word on a chapter page (the last word on the first page of the prologue in landscape format is ‘how’ today), and will then cite pages that way. A bit cumbersome but all we have. We also can’t copy and paste from iBooks for copyright reasons, which makes quoting a bit more cumbersome, but we’ll just use ellipses to do that. Finally, the toggling between apps (iBooks & MyScript) is a bit cumbersome but the double click switching that Apple instituted with iOS 4 (or 3?) makes that much easier.

So growing pains but an interesting process as we actually start to use the iPads as our day-to-day device.