So we figured out the Dropbox sharing details. A bit cumbersome to set-up but apparently handy once it’s ready to go.

Students came to my computer and entered their email addresses in the share window for the __CE4 Work folder (double underline makes sure it stays at the top of my folder list). At this point, they tried to move their Friday Night Lights letter to the shared folder in their Dropbox. But it wasn’t there (yet). So after some investigation, here’s what we figured out: each student needs to go to the Dropbox website (; this does not work on the iPad app (which is unfortunate). Once they log on to the Dropbox website, they need to click on the ‘Share’ tab (which should have a red-circled 1 on it, indicating the presence of an invitation). Once there, they click on the ‘accept invitation’ button. This finally allows the folder to be shared.