Today in class we are choosing a character from the Prologue (Bissinger introduces 5 or 6 of the characters with separate vignettes & descriptions) and writing a fictionalized letter to them as well as a response, i.e. students assume a persona (which can be themselves) and write a letter to a character based on what Bissinger includes in his Prologue, and then the character writes back (and students are welcome to extrapolate within reason). The assignment is to be handed in at the end of class.

So how best to hand it in? School, of course, provides It’sLearning for our course management, but It’sLearning isn’t entirely smooth with the iPad. Dropbox? I had students come up to my computer and input their Dropbox emails so I could share with them a __CE4 Work folder to which they will save their letters. (And Office2HD allows saving to Dropbox, one of the main reasons I prefer it over Pages.) A few students are using GoogleDocs. I find GoogleDocs a bit cumbersome, but we’ll see.

So not much to conclude at this point, but I’ll update as the assignments come in and I start to grade them.