In doing the FNL-letter assignment (see post below), some students shared some tips of how they’ve been using their iPads.

One student, whose fictional letter is from a university, wanted to include the university’s logo in his letter. He copied the image from Safari but couldn’t paste it into Office2HD. We figured out that, rather than copying the image, by tapping and holding the image, which brings up the menu (make sure it’s un-highlighted to tap and hold), and saving it to iPhoto, we could then use Office2HD to bring the image in to the document from iPhoto.

Another student showed off his Notetaker and how he’s using it in class: he took a picture of a handout with his iPad, imported the picture into Notetaker, and now has notes to go along with the handout right there.

And on a completely different note, about 5 of my boys were playing Tiger Woods 12, which apparently is normally $16 but is now free ‘and I have to get it’.