I’m missing some students today for field trips, SATs, etc. so we’re doing a bit of an experiment. The assignment was to read Chapter 2 of Friday Night Lights and in class their assignment is first to highlight lines from the chapter that epitomize / represent Permian football. Once that is done, they will head to the Commons (Cafeteria) and interview people (using the video camera on the iPad) about Permian football and Wayland football. Once that is done, they’ll use iMovie to turn everything into a finished product. And I’m thinking that can be done in the class period (maybe not the editing, but we’ll see). So I’ll update once the assignment is done, hopefully with some examples.

And a tip (that I just learned): navigating to the Table of Contents in the ebook will include a tab entitled ‘Bookmarks’ where all bookmarks and highlights / notes are collected and easily navigable.