We just finished the class with the interviews, and it seemed to go well. Students were focused and on-task (which itself was surprising, but the iPads do a remarkable job of keeping them focused, even if it’s on the wrong thing sometimes….; for instance, as I was rounding kids up to get them back to the classroom, most of them were back already on their own, and there was little to no noise coming from the classroom because they were on their iPads).

They did a good job both finding and highlighting quotes from the chapter and, the best part, incorporating them into the interviews. One interview we watched (more on that later) involved one student reading out quotes from her iPad while her partner videotaped.

The work was done in partners so that one iPad could be the reference one and the other could be the camera one (tough to toggle back and forth, especially while filming), and I realized that iMovie does not come standard on the iPads. I decided not to require them to purchase it (yet), though I did recommend it; I want to think about how much we’ll use it and if it’s worth it, though at this point I’m leaning toward yes.

So overall a successful experiment. Students seemed focus in terms of both the work and, more important, the text, and it was a good way to integrate reading and technology.

I’ve included some action shots below.