The ZaggFolio Keyboards arrived on Thursday, and we were able to distribute them on Friday. The students were pretty excited (I suppose that might go without saying; as a side note, at least one student has determined that he needs to figure out how to get his own iPad because he won’t know what to do without his school one).

There were a few connectivity issues, the primary one of which was all those bluetooth connections happening at once. Each iPad was showing three to five keyboards to link to. So that meant that we had students wandering outside holding their keyboards and iPads until only their keyboard showed up.

In class, it was immediately apparent how much the keyboards upped the functionality of the iPads. I had wanted to get them out Friday because we were using the time to work on college essays. The iPad plus the keyboard made this a lot easier. Granted, it took about half the class to get the keyboards going, but once we did the process became much more efficient.

The pleasant surprise was that some of the students worked on their essays themselves, while others were able to go to their school’s website and work on any school-specific supplements directly on line.

So, thank you Zagg. We’re enjoying the keyboards / cases.