Today in class, we’re focused on Chapter 4 of Friday Night Lights, in which Winchell and Billingsley are introduced in the context of one of the games. Winchell excels (beyond expectation) and Billingsley is caught in a vicious cycle of pressure and succumbing to it, fumbling repeatedly and being pulled in the second half for Comer.

The students are beginning class writing about pressure, specifically what it means to them. The non-iPad class did this on paper and handed it in while the iPad class is doing it on OfficeHD and handing it in via Dropbox. Already differences are apparent. The iPad class is much quieter and working more assiduously; I’m assuming that their pieces will be longer (if not necessarily better). The non-iPad class was more chatty and I had to keep them on task much more than I am in this class (don’t have to the extent that I’m writing this now as they type), and, from what I saw of what the non-iPad class wrote, many of their pieces were on the short / underdeveloped side. I’m guessing, though I don’t know, that a lot of the iPad productivity is due to the convenience of the keyboard.