We watched our first video on the iPads in class on Friday. I had told the class on Thursday that we would be watching the video on the iPads rather than via the projector, and there was some grumbling about that: they wanted the more communal experience of watching it together on the big screen. But, as I jokingly reminded them, this is the price you pay for having iPads.

I put the video file in our shared Dropbox folder and was planning to have them dump it into their iTunes library and sync to their iPad. But I forgot…. No matter, though, because (and I didn’t know this) they were able to play the video file directly from Dropbox. Clicking on the video file made it play in the Dropbox window, and tapping on the screen made the standard video controls appear so they could enter full screen mode.

Watching on the iPads went well. There was a bit of chatter at the beginning as they settled in and got used to it. And a few kids forgot head phones (but were able to borrow some from siblings in study hall down the hall). One pair managed to sync their videos on each iPad so that both were playing at exactly the same moment. So such novelty activities took up some of the beginning of the movie-watching, but once that wore off, everyone settled in and quieted down.

From my standpoint, it was relatively odd because there was nothing for me to do. Normally, of course, I watch with them but with them on their iPads there really wasn’t much for me to do. Even walking around the room was a bit tricky because of how dark it was (no windows in my room); the room was only illuminated by the multiple iPad screens.

The experiment did end, however, because apparently the network couldn’t keep up with all of that streaming video (no surprise) and the screens froze. So we turned to the big screen after all and I told them to put the movie in their iTunes library and sync this weekend. We’ll see how many of them remembered.