A friend of mine pointed out that I hadn’t posted some of the background info in terms of prepping the iPads (thank you, JM). So here’s the list of apps that we required the kids to buy (as part of the agreement, they had to commit $25 to purchasing apps or other content; because the kids are syncing to their own computers, they will keep whatever apps and content they buy rather than having them revert to the school once the iPads are collect were the iPads synced to school computers):

Office2HD (7.99)
Dropbox (free)
Evernote (free)
Wordpress (free)
PreziViewer (free)
iBooks (free)
Dictionary.com (free)
Good Reader (free; though, the kids said that the free version doesn’t exist any more; any .pdf reader will do)
Friday Night Lights ebook (6.99)