I’ve run into a bit of an iCloud / iCal roadblock. I was entering my November syllabus into my iPad. When I chose the calendar for each event, I noticed that there was a Local (not sure if that’s the right heading, but something similar) version of the calendar and an iCloud version. I was using the Local calendar because that was the only one I had initially seen and it was first. But I wondered about the distinction (in addition to which, when I first synced to iCloud, I ended up with multiple entries of the same event in my mobile calendars, including iCloud; there’s a resolve sync conflict option when you first sync, and I thought I did what I was supposed to do for that, but maybe not). So after inputting the syllabus, I was curious to see if it ended up on the iCloud calendar; I figured not because it wasn’t the iCloud calendar that I chose when I input the syllabus, and indeed I was right. Those events didn’t show up on the iCloud version of the calendar.

So here’s the confusion / questions:

– what’s the difference between the iCloud calendar and the Local / Default calendar? or perhaps better, why is there a distinction / two different calendars?
– if the iPad events didn’t go to iCloud but will go to iCal when I sync the iPad, does that mean that the iCal events (synced from the iPad) will go to iCloud? or, what is the relationship among iCal, iCloud, and mobile iCal?