A few other notes about .pdf-Notes:

– saving as a flattened .pdf indeed allows the documents to be read in Dropbox (which is easier) but only hand-written notes will appear in the flattened .pdf; text boxes / typed notes do not appear; this is unfortunate because typed notes are easier to enter and to read but then it becomes more difficult to grade them because the text boxes can only open in .pdf-Notes

– as far as I can tell, .pdf-Notes doesn’t / can’t rotate a page; I looked around and couldn’t find that function, which makes reading a double-page spread scanned horizontally tricky; the work-around, of course, is to rotate the iPad so that the horizontal page fills the horizontal orientation but then to lock orientation so that it doesn’t flip (tools, though, will still be vertically oriented)

– I also figured out a solution to one of the more vexing problems: when in pen mode, it was tricky / difficult to swipe pages (because a pen stroke would show up rather than changing pages); it was also annoying to have to cycle through the different tool modes to the no-tool mode (which enables swiping); but what I figured out is that tapping the tool itself in the upper left turns it off and re-tapping turns it back on; this toggling makes it much easier