Bill over at Big Nerd Ranch put me on to their eClicker Student Response System. I have been using SRSs for about four years now, focused primarily on the Promethean ActivVote and ActivExpression systems. These more than any other technology (perhaps until the iPad, but that remains to be seen) changed my teaching; I use them regularly and happily, and the students love them.

I heard about and played around with Socrative, a web-based SRS, and had some good success with it. My biggest complaint is that the number of question formats is too limited, i.e. only open response or multiple choice.

Promethean has always offered a computer-based version of the ActivVote (and I think ActivExpression) system, whereby an image of the device appears on the computer screen and you use the mouse to push the buttons. They now have an iPad / iPhone version of this same system. I have the free app for the iPad, but we’ve not quite figured out how the client works, as well as some other of the technical issues.

In the meantime, I’m excited to try out eClicker. My first impression of it is that it seems similar to Promethean’s virtual app, but without all the hardware / firmware issues showing up. I’ve not tried eClicker yet but will soon and give a rundown of how it went.

In the meantime, thanks again Bill and Big Nerd Ranch.