Just a quick note on a cool feature that one of my students pointed out (thank you, TM). When I downloaded iOS5, I noticed that the screen keyboard up/down button had little tick marks on its right hand side. I assumed they did something but I couldn’t figure out what. I tapped, I dragged, nothing. Finally, one my seniors, with not a little trepidation in her voice, admitted that something was wrong with her iPad. The keyboard was split on the screen. I didn’t have an answer, but then one of the other students explained that by tapping and holding the keyboard up/down button, you can then either split the keyboard to either side of the screen or leave it whole. When I asked why one would want the keyboard split, the response made perfect sense: the split keyboard allows much easier use when holding the iPad with both hands (as opposed to having it lie flat on a surface). I played around with it a bit, and indeed this is the case: much easier to use the split keyboard when holding the iPad.