One of our other district tech people emailed me about Office2HD, saying that she had read my blog about it but that it had received bad reviews in the App Store. I had no idea about the reviews, so I checked them out, and here’s what I responded to her:

“I checked out the reviews of Office2 (I had no idea), and I will concur with the positive ones; I have not done any of the things complained about (password protected, .docx, even presentations, though we started one today which I’ll be blogging about and we’ll finish it Monday). Here’s why I like it: I prefer the interface to Pages (menu at top rather than drop-downs) and, most important, it saves to Dropbox. I tend to compose more than edit with it, so I might not have noticed it not opening the newer Office documents, but the Dropbox feature is the seller for me.”

I suspect that many of these problems come from using it as a hub productivity tool, i.e. the tool around which one’s business is centered. Although I have certainly integrated Office2HD, I wouldn’t say that it is indispensable to me. If it were more so, perhaps I would have noticed these issues a bit more. But, as it stands, for me the Dropbox integration makes it worthwhile; I can start something on the iPad and have it waiting for me wherever else I’m working. Can’t beat that.