So the eClicker experiment did not quite go as planned. Twice. That Tuesday, the first day in the new school, I proceeded as planned. About six of my students had iPhones, and downloaded the eClicker app. The first one to do so, when they tried to sign on, reported that the app said that they needed to be on the same network as the host. That wasn’t going to happen. I certainly don’t have the wireless network password, and I’m not sure anyone on campus does. So that was that.

Failure number two occurred the next day. I figured since the iPhones couldn’t sign on because they weren’t on the same network, I’d use the iPads to try it out; I was meeting the iPad class the next day. They come in the next day, and I tell them to download the eClicker app. Done. Now for the questions. Which aren’t on my iPad. I then remeber that I wrote the question on my iPod, and had never made an account that would then sync my questions with my other devices. And my iPod, because it’s a personal device rather than a school device, isn’t on the school’s network, so I couldn’t sign on then and sync. Failure number two.

So I just made an account, signed in all the devices, and synced the accounts, so maybe, just maybe, on Monday we’ll be able to finally try this out. Stay tuned for eClicker Update II.