The class did projects on Title IX, one of the choices of which was to interview an adult about their experience with Title IX. Predictably, many of the iPad class students used their iPad to record the interview. This has yielded a few inconveniences, namely the transfer of the file from the iPad to me. Syncing it with iTunes of course would free up the file; it can be burned or put onto a flash drive. But as the iPad moves farther and farther from the computer, it is synced less and less (I know I sync mine much less frequently because of iCloud, Dropbox, etc.). Also, some students used 3rd party apps whose files aren’t as easy to deal with. The easy solution is for me to listen to the interview directly from the iPad but an easier form of sharing would be nice. Any thoughts?

Also, the iPad that was run over. If the project had been completeed there, it would have been completely lost with no way of recovering. I’m guessing that as iCloud moves forward, this will be more easily rectified, but still a bit of a (potential) incovenience.