I’m taking an on-line graduate course through the University of North Carolina Greensboro that is fairly reading intensive: about 80 pages per week. We have a few books but the bulk of readings are either .pdfs uploaded to the Blackboard course space or links to primary sources online. iBooks and its .pdf reading capability as well as iSave Web Lite has made life very easy in terms of getting my reading done.

The context / situation: I work out every work morning, giving me about 35 / 40 mins on the elliptical. I think I’ve written here before about how nice the iPad makes it to read while working out (can increase font size, lies flat, don’t have to prop pages, have them go flying, etc.). So step 1 was getting all of the course materials to the iPad: open the .pdfs, click on ‘Save to iBooks’, and off you go. I made a specific collection entitled UNCG for all my material and I’m good there.

The web links were a bit more problematic. I have web access at school, so not a problem there, but I was going to PT twice a week and had some reading time there but no web access. Enter iSave Web Lite. This is one of many apps that downloads web sites to your iPad so that you don’t need web access to the view them. I did not shop around much, so I can’t speak to its advantages over other apps, but it was free (really, the #1 criterion) and did what I needed it to do. Now I have the web pages I need locally on my iPad without needing web access to read them.

So with iBooks & iSave Web Lite, I can get the bulk of my course reading done wherever I am, independent of web access, making my (course reading) life much more efficient.