Thanks, Patrick Larkin (@bhsprinicpal) for the link: Some interesting speculation on how improvements to the new iPad will be good for education.

Although at the bottom the post mentions a desire for using AppleTV to link to an interactive white board so that students can control it with iPods or iPads. The problem, though, is conflicting devices, i.e. how to distinguish which i-Device controls the board at a given time. This happened to me when I first got my slates for the Promethean Board. If you don’t know the Promethean slates, imagine a tablet with a blank screen that doesn’t change. The slate senses the pen and controls the board (though you can’t see on the slate what’s on the board; I used to call it weather-person training, because you have to move the pen on the slate while looking up at the board).

When I first got them, I passed one out to each table, psyched to see how they work. In about 2 minutes it was utter chaos, because every time someone touched a pen to the slate (and there were six in circulation), that pen took over as the dominant mouse, and of course once the students figured this out it became a bit of a free for all (understatement). Thankfully, I had planned it for the day before a break, assuming that it might not be the smoothest. I was right.

The slate remained a great tool, but it became one slate that I passed around the classroom for students to control the board with. The same holds true with the iPad. Something like Splashtop or Doceri can accomplish this with a single iPad and alleviate the chaos of assigning who is in control.