I suspect that this will not be revolutionary, but it’s something I’ve been considering and finally tried the other day. My Medieval Lit class is doing presentations, and in the past I’ve taken volunteers for different days (in class), figured out and resolved conflicts (in class), and then posted the list.

I had known about Doodle already (www.doodle.com); for those of you unfamiliar, it’s an online scheduling tool. The administrator / account holder (and you don’t need an account for a basic post) posts a series of dates and/or times and invites people to check their availability. So I used Doodle to assign presentation dates. I made a poll with the presentation dates, had students type in their email addresses at the beginning of class while I was taking roll, etc., and gave them a deadline to fill it out.

Here are the results:


Still some adjustments to make (5 on a day is tight; not impossible, but tight) and obviously some days are undersubscribed (the early ones). But an easy way to at least get preliminary scheduling done.