Just wanted to check in with my five or six (generous estimate?) readers out there. I know it’s been a while since I’ve written; we’ll chalk that up to standardized test season (I’m the AP & SAT Coordinator at school) and, after testing season, wrapping my schoolwork up before having shoulder surgery last Monday (so, yes, I’m typing one-handed right now). Sed de hoc satis.

The iPad pilot is officially over, but I will continue to use this space to discuss iPad, Mac, and tech-in-education issues. My goals for the summer are these: 1. Sort out the intersection of iCal, iCloud, and GoogleCalendar; I’ve attempted this perhaps 3/4-heartedly, but I’d like to figure it out for good; doing so would make life a lot easier. 2. Figure out a viable approach to student blogging; I’m taking a two day workshop in July on this, so more after that. 3. Improve student/parent communication: this will begin with Twitter, i.e. assessing the extent to which that experiment worked, and assessing the alternatives. 4. Sort out the various platforms available to me to streamline distribution to and collection from students.