I have written plenty and recently about both Dropbox and cloud storage / services, but this post provides some nice options to expand the functionality of Dropbox. A lot of the options there, especially the media ones, I likely won’t take advantage of, but I did sign on for two of them: Drop It To Me and Send to Dropbox.

Drop It To Me uses your Dropbox account and Drop It To Me account info to set up a URL to which users can upload documents with a password that you provide them. Now to some extent this mimics Dropbox’s shared folders, which I have used before, but a couple of things recommend this approach: 1. ease: rather than going through the sharing process, which can be slightly cumbersome, requiring the user to go to Dropbox, have an account, log in, accept the shared folder, etc., Drop It To Me’s info can be emailed or posted somewhere and utilized in one fell swoop; 2. more important, privacy: I didn’t use shared folders to distribute or collect important documents because of the public nature of the shared folder, but with this approach students can upload documents to my Dropbox without others having access to them; 3. a non-school use, but with some of my writing / design work sometimes I find myself needing to upload large documents for access by a publisher, editor, etc.; the old FTP clients did this (Fetch, anyone?) but this seems an easier way to go.

Send to Dropbox allows attachments to be sent to and saved in Dropbox automatically. I suspect that these two services will overlap somewhat but, again, this seems a more private way to collect submissions from students. Send to Dropbox provides you with a unique email address (that unfortunately includes some randomized characters, which makes it difficult to remember, even when you customize the address) to which attachments can be sent.

I’ve of course not yet used these but will update as I become more familiar with them.