I had mentioned Kikutext as an alternative / possible solution to my less-than-successful Twitter experiment. Kikutext provides a phone number from which you can communicate via text message to students and/or parents with no cell phone of yours used and no private information exchanged. I had planned on using it with all of my classes but it seems that won’t be possible anymore.

Kikutext has posted on its blog that it is moving to a two tiered structure: a limited free account that allows four classes, 80 students / parents, and 200 texts per much (the latter should be plenty); and a $10 per month account that allows 7 classes, 170 students / parents, and unlimited messages.

So, congrats on their success (and I will take credit for some; at least three people I’ve told about it seem very interested in it), but the now-tiered approach is a bit of a bummer, however understandable a bummer it might be. You can read the full post / info here.