I’m working on my Course Guide and am figuring out my Kikutext implementation. Here’s what I’ve decided.

  1. I’ve decided that I will use it with my two English 4 sections and my Latin 3/4/5 section. These, I think, are the students who could benefit most from it.
  2. At this point, I don’t think I will use it with parents. Kikutext bills itself as improving teacher / parent communication, but I suspect that that is because it is aimed at younger students’ parents. For my purposes, especially teaching largely juniors and seniors, it seems more useful for communicating with students, especially, as I’ve discussed in my Twitter posts, the dissemination of reminders, announcements, and assignments. After the three sections I will have fewer than 20 sign-ups remaining, and I can’t see limiting parents’ access to it, even if I only announce it at parents’ night (I suspect that word would get out).
  3. I might use the remaining sign-ups with either Classical or Archaeology; we’ll see.
  4. I’ve also decided that this will largely be a one way communication system, from me to them. I considered using it for its intended purpose, two-way communication, but I think, at least for now, I’ll stick to email for that (largely because of the restrictions of the free account).

And here are some things I’ve figured out about the process: I have confirmed that indeed no personal information is exchanged, I never see the students’ (parents’) cell phone numbers. Here’s how it works:

  1. I create a class on Kikutext.com and create a code for that class.
  2. I distribute my Kikutext number (I included it in my Course Guide) and the code.
  3. Students text the code to the Kikutext number.
  4. Kikutext automatically sends them a text asking them to text back their name.
  5. I get the list of names without ever seeing the associated numbers. I use the names to message students and Kikutext of course associates the names with the numbers.