My last post discussed going paperless and referenced this blog here for resources and as my own starting point for writing about it. One tool I found particularly intriguing from the sources listed there is ShortCal, which provides a simple interface for creating and distributing short-term calendars (seems no longer than seven days, or at least seven days is the longest in the built in pull-down menu).

So I tried it out. I post a weekly schedule for my soccer team, largely because I don’t necessarily know which practice field I’ll be using until the end of the previous week, and something like ShortCal might be great for that. The interface is simple. Name, duration, some options, and then tab through each day of your calendar and type. Enter an email address and it’s done, delivered right to the email. No account, no sign-up, no sign-in, etc. I’ve pasted a screen shot of my test calendar below.