We use ItsLearning for our CMS at WHS and the TEC Online Academy, for whom I teach an online Archaeology course, is shifting from Moodle to ItsLearning. This summer TEC offered a two day workshop on ItsLearning to help us convert our courses. It was great. There were only four of us in the class plus the instructor, who was relatively new to ItsLearning herself, so we all worked together, helping each other, floating new ideas and approaches, etc.

It occurred to me at some point that ItsLearning would be a god resource for my soccer team. One of my goals for the year is to remain as paperless as I was last year but, with the 1:1, do close to no photocopying, and that should seem to apply to my coaching as well.

My JV Girls Soccer ItsLearning page is pretty much done, other than any in-season updating that might take place. Perhaps what I’m most excited about is the info collection. I made a Google form for them to fill out with all of their contact info, positions, etc., and we’re going to try voting for captains on line (and at the end of the season awards). I’m excited about this new forum for my team; it will let me organize, collect, and distribute information more easily and allow me to do more of it (e.g. tactics videos, handouts, etc. that would be forgotten in a chalk talk meeting but might be more effective if available online).