I wrote before about my ambivalence toward QR Codes (a cool idea but perhaps more trouble than they’re worth in terms of execution vs. benefit) but that I thought that I had found a use that might take advantage of them: using them to link to my course guides for both students and parents so I don’t have to copy them and hand them out.

So I completed step 1 tonight, which was linking them to a code and setting up the code. Here’s the process:

  1. Finish your document (obvious).
  2. Get a web address for it (I did mine through Dropbox but you could post to a website as well).
  3. Get the link: for Dropbox, go to your web-based Dropbox page (rather than your Dropbox folder on your computer), navigate via Dropbox to the file, click the link icon to the far right of the file, and on the next screen click on ‘Copy Link to Clipboard’.
  4. Navigate to a QR Code generator: I used http://qrcode.kaywa.com.
  5. Paste link into box.
  6. Generate the code.
  7. Copy the code (by right clicking) or the html for embedding.
  8. Put it where you want.

I’ve included here both the handout I made to post around the room (and to have on the iPad to pass around the room so people can scan from there if they want) and the page from Kaywa (for my Latin 3/4/5 course).