I mentioned elsewhere how I now use Doodle, the on-line scheduling tool, to schedule student presentations. I tonight discovered a new way to use it. My Archaeology class meets on A, C, and E days, and I’d like to change those days, but I’m not sure if the students have all of the other periods free (labs might intrude, etc.). And indeed, when I asked them, it seemed like it would not be easy to poll the class with a show of hands. So I figured Doodle might help. I thought it might not work, however, because of Doodle’s focus on fixed dates. But then I saw that there is a button for free text, where you can enter or define your times. I used one for B day and the other for F day, and we were off and running. Now let’s see if the data that Doodle and I have collected will let me change my meeting days….