I had to fax something this morning. I was all ready to print, walk it over to the main office with the fax number, and fax away. But it occurred to me (not fast enough, I might add) that there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to do this from my computer (especially with my paperless initiative).

I have a couple of GoogleVoice numbers, and so I began there. It’s Google, after all; surely with a Google phone number I can essentially attach a document to that number and fax it to another. Apparently not. Google didn’t seem to answer my question about GoogleVoice sending faxes but it was pretty clear about GoogleVoice numbers not being able to receive faxes (and I assumed vice versa, so didn’t spend too much time investigating).

So I hit the web and found this post about faxing via the web and the first on the list was perfect for me. Faxzero allows five free faxes per day (three according to the post), which is more than enough for me (and I assume it is limited by email address, so I also assume that using multiple email addresses would be a workaround to the fax limit). There is a limit on page numbers and size, but again no problem for me. And it’s very easy. No account to make, even (which surprised me). Enter your name and email on one side, the recipients name and fax number on the other side, attach / upload the file, and include a note for the cover page. Faxzero emails you a confirmation email (which went to my spam folder) in which you must click a link before the fax is sent, and then sends within 20 mins another confirmation email that the fax was successfully sent (or not). Still waiting on that second email, but don’t see why it wouldn’t go through. And all that time I saved not wrangling with the printer and the fax machine allowed me to write this post.