I like and have used Twitter for housekeeping things, primarily communicating with students. This morning I spontaneously decided to run a little experiment. Over breakfast, I was perusing my Twitter feed and found this article in the New York Times about the right of Texas high school football cheerleaders to include bible verses on their signs for their school’s football game. We’re in the midst of reading Friday Night Lights in class, and I considered scrapping my plans for today and reading and discussing this article instead. But I figured that I would use this as opportunity to try Twitter out for pedagogy. So I tweeted the shortlink out to my class after reading it with a little teaser before it. The experiment is  1. wheter the students will be annoyed or intrigued by the tweet (which goes to their phones) and 2. whether the students will actually read the article, both because of technical issues (reading it from their phone, even if it’s possible; not all have smartphones, of course) and because of interest. Stay tuned.