Gave another full period test today in English class, and had a number of students go to LRT to take the test. I suspect that the reading amount (at least before the Sandy days off) was relatively low (perhaps higher with the days off), so I wanted to make sure that there was no wandering on the Internet during the test. LanSchool, of course, is the tool to do this.

We’ve had some difficulty with LanSchool but that seems to be largely fixed. I had not only most of my students show up but also those students that were on the other side of the building in LRT show up. (And I didn’t take the time to figure out whether the Missing Students on LanSchool were there but whose computers weren’t working or just students who weren’t there.) There was one student who wasn’t taking the test, whose computer showed up with about five minutes left in class (waching video), so I messaged him via LanSchool and he came by after class, explained that he was late to school, and we set up the make-up time for his test.

So all in all a good day (so far) with LanSchool.