My travails with Twitter are well documented here, but I’m in and in for good. I wrote in previous entries about my flirtation with Kikutext (ultimately a bit of a goldigger) and my sheepish but resolved return to Twitter with some extra goodies in hand (Splitweet and TweetCaster). Here are a couple of pro-Twitter anecdotes.

Hurricane Sandy of course just hit. We missed two days of school in the second-to-last week of the quarter and I was giving a test in one class and having presentations in another on one of those days. Many of my students were without power, independent of whether they would have gone to ItsLearning (our CMS) even if they had power. Via Twitter I was able to reach at least many of them in a more direct and less power-dependent way (their cell phones, which of course may not have been charged but are not directly tied to power and can be portably charged, i.e. bringing a charger somewhere with power) to update them about the test and presentations.

So now we’re back in school, and both the end of the quarter and missing assignments loom. I finally got caught up on a lot of that little grading, exactly the kind of assignments that tend to fall through the cracks more than the bigger assignments, so the grades were about as current as they were going to be. Once that was done, I sent out two tweets, one urging students to check Engrade (where their grades are kept) and the other telling them to email me any late assignments rather than posting them to ItsLearning (so that the assignments come to me rather than me having to go search them out).

So, Twitter, apologies for the wandering eye, but I’m happy to be back.