On a bit of a whim, I had my Latin students make electronic flashcards for some vocab. They seemed to enjoy the activity, and so we’ve continued it as a fairly regular assignment. But it raised the question of what is the best tool for online studying / flash cards. The students have been using Quizlet and StudyBlue, the latter of which will allow images for free (the former of which won’t). StudyBlue can also organize groups into classes, which seems an interesting possibility (haven’t investigated whether Quizlet can do this, though I suspect it can). I’ve used Evernote Peek and KYW (Reader) in the past but not with students. I’ve also used the quizzing sites (Quia, etc.). Any thoughts on these sites or others? What’s out there that I’m missing? I’m interested in this for both my Wayland classes and my online classes. Any input would be appreciated.