I was checking some electronic flash cards in my Latin class and had forgotten my iPad (second day in a row). The day before I had tried the ol’ memorize who did and who did not do the homework trick; not sure that worked too well. So, rather than walking around trying to memorize who did it or trying to prevent my laptop from crashing to the ground as I typed in grades (or going upstairs to get my iPad), I realized I could use LanSchool. So I dialed up the class, had them put their flashcards on their screens, and checked them that way, right from my desk. It would work better with a bigger / non-repetitive assignment, i.e. because they do electronic flashcards relatively frequently, I had to zoom to see that they were the right words. But something more recognizable from a thumbnail would have been perfect. (And the one student who made paper flashcards, even though she could hold them up to me, in the spirit of the 1:1, turned on PhotoBooth and relayed her flashcards to me that way; nice job, EK.)