The iPad Mini seems to have a lot of potential for the classroom. If we’re seeing more and more iPads in the hands of teachers, especially for mobility and efficiency reasons, the Mini would seem the way to go: saving $170 per device goes a long way across a faculty. But the question is whether the smaller size of the Mini then inhibits its functionality, i.e. is that $170 cheaper $170 worth of decreased functionality. Heather, Mary, and I wanted to find out, so we wrote a WHSPO Mini-grant (no pun intended; the grants are actually called mini-grants) for an iPad Mini for me and Heather and, I’m happy to say, they approved it. So, thank you, WHSPO! I bought the iPad Mini this weekend and am loving it so far. The smaller size so far outside of the classroom is actually quite welcome. We’ll begin to see this week whether or not it impacts my ability to use the iPad Mini in the classroom but so far so good. So thanks again, WHSPO, and to all of you WHS teachers out there, apply for a mini grant (or other grants); they’re a great way to try something out or implement a new program. I’ve been the beneficiary of a number of grants (from both WHSPO and the WPSF); the application process isn’t onerous and the benefits are significant.