After that lengthy post on computing mid-year grades in Engrade, I almost thought that I was going to have to scrap all of that to make year end grades a bit easier. But the math department (thank you, BC, CB, and HM) has assured me that I don’t. Here’s what happened.

If you use the system I explained in the previous post, the mid-year exam is an assignment in the mid-year average (rather than a separate class, as I suggested as an alternate approach). This is fine for mid-year averages. I was afraid, however, that, come year end grades, because the exam was not a separate class, I would not have anything to pull in to year end grades for the mid-term exam and I would have to reenter them as an assignment in the year-end grades.

The other option, though, (and here’s where I needed the math confirmed) is to pull in the mid-year grade to the year end grade, make it 50% (20, 20, 10 for q1, q2 and mye), and then pull in q3, q4, and fe for the year end grade. The math department explained that the average would be the same and an experiment of my own confirmed this.