I spent Friday night at the NSCAA‘s regional coaches’ convention to which I had never been, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’ve always had difficulty with taking notes at meetings and even conferences; I’d use those legal pads or notebooks or agenda-handouts but then never quite know what to do with them afterward. Even when I did manage to toss them in a file, I would never go back to them after that (partly my fault, I realize).

But armed with an iPad Mini and the app .pdf-Notes, both the conference and the note-taking were useful, the latter because I have them in a format that I can manipulate, duplicate, and find easily. I downloaded the conference program from the website; this included not only the schedule but also all of the session handouts. The iPad Mini fit perfectly in the back pocket of my jeans, which means I didn’t have to carry anything, either a device or the handout. And .pdf-Notes, which I’ve blogged about before as my preferred iPad .pdf reader / annotator because of its nice balance of functionality and lack of excess, allowed me to annotate that handout, both simply, e.g. using checks or xs to say whether a drill was worth remembering, or with more complexity, e.g. using the notes / sticky function to describe how the drill is set-up or how I would tweak it, etc.

The combination of portability and functionality made the iPad Mini with .pdf-Notes the ideal conference companions.