Last week both my English 4 class and my Classical Lit class handed in outside read projects, both of which had as an option to Tweet their book. The process of fake-Tweeting can be somewhat annoying; you need a separate email address for each Twitter account and have to juggle them all to get the feed right (tip: use separate browsers for each account and command-tab to toggle among them). Or, as one student did, tweet them by character, print them out and cut and paste them in the right order (pick your poison, I suppose). So just today I saw on Twitter this post about a free, account-less text-message-creation tool, designed with such projects in mind. Not Twitter I realize but an interesting substitute, especially because of the ease of use (which includes sharing / distributing the final product). Only a week late…. (By the way, I know about Fakebook, the fake Facebook creation page hosted by Discovery Education; anyone out there know of a similar tool for Twitter?)

Along those lines, Classical in class the other day made trading cards of the emperor Nero based on Suetonius’ biography of him. This was not a new project, and I have a couple of templates for it (some of which I made myself, some of which I downloaded from the internet) but it’s a bit clunky (opening .pdfs or, as JO reminded, .jpgs in Preview and then annotating them). At the bottom of the texting post referenced above, in the Posts You Might Like section was a teaser for, you guessed it, a Make Your Own Trading Card tool, also designed with educators / education in mind. You can read that post here.

So 0-2 in terms of finding things in a timely manner. Only 51 weeks until I can use them again (just being dramatically frustrated; I’ll use them before then).