I use Splitweet to manage my various Twitter feeds. It’s a simple interface where I click to which Twitter account(s) I want to tweet, and out it goes. When I logged on this morning went to the site, I was greeted with the HootSuite site. I assumed (rightly) that HootSuite had acquired Splitweet. No problem. Log in and go. Not so fast. My login information wasn’t recognized. Tried multiple emails and passwords (though I was pretty certain that I knew the info), tried the forgot password option, and email wasn’t recognized. The frustrating part was that there was no notice from HootSuite to Splitweet users. I had to Google that and ended up here.

Now, you know it’s not good when the header reads ‘Make the transition to HootSuite’ and the button says ‘Join HootSuite Pro’. Pro of course mean pay, which I am not about to do (not does it sound like HootSuite is quite what I want anyway). My favorite line, though, is this: ‘If you have been using Splitweet for personal use, explore your many options including the new tools, apps and features available at Twitter.com.’ Thanks for sending me back to the very site that I was using your old site to manage. There does seem to be buried somewhere in all of this a free option (I’d link it if it were at all useful), but it limits you to five profiles to manage (and I have more Twitter accounts than that for my classes). So in the end a frustrating discovery and an even more frustrating realization of what it means: not the end of the world, but I have to find a new Twitter client and set it up again.

So thanks, Splitweet; it was great while it lasted. As for HootSuite, no thanks. Too little information / assistance, too much trouble. As for a new Twitter client, Suggestions would be welcome….