I’m here at CANE 2013 at UConn listening to a presentation on Operation Lapis, a game-based learning system for Latin that I’ve known about but am interested in learning more about. Kevin (Ballestrini) is walking us through the process; this is a hands-on workshop, and he uses EdModo as the platform (which is not necessary for Operation Lapis but is recommended). A prompt is presented and students respond using the ‘reply’ button, which then appear underneath the prompt for the teacher to see all together.

It occurred to me (and I do feel like I’ve thought this or seen this before) that Twitter could be used in this way, that I could post a prompt to which students could respond using Twitter. The feed would collect everything there, and Twitter would restrict responses to 140 characters, preventing them from overcomplicating their Latin. Interesting. I’ll have to think this through a bit more.