My history with digital annotations is a bit idiosyncratic. I started with a Promethean Board, then got slates for the Promethean Board, then came the iPad with first Doceri and then Splashtop, and now I have an Eno board. I never committed to any of them because none of them were entirely satisfying. I might be ready, though.

Doceri has emerged as reliable, versatile, and efficient. Their latest update (released in the fall?) made some nice improvements that have made what is already a pleasantly functional app more functional and more efficient. Doceri has added a QR code connectivity feature, which I originally thought was very gimmicky, but have come to use exclusively and miss in comparable apps. Doceri has also added an export-directly-to-Dropbox feature, which admittedly could be a bit more efficient in Doceri but still is more efficient than dragging and dropping files (which I often forget to do over time, much less on a daily basis).

Doceri’s strength is in its response-to-contact time. It’s ‘finger writing’ is instantaneous and smooth (my handwriting, on the other hand…). Its computer control isn’t quite as precise as I would like, which for me originally took me away from Doceri, but now I can look past. Splashtop is the opposite. Its computer control is precise and reliable but its response-to-contact time is too long, i.e. when you write there is a split-second lag from when you contact the screen and when the stroke appears. I stuck with Splashtop for a while. I plugged it to friends and colleagues. But ultimately, whether because of our network or it, it is unreliable in its initial connection to the computer and holding that connection. Doceri’s QR code connectivity works great on the front end and I can’t remember the last time it dropped me mid-class. Additionally, you can leave Doceri and return without any difficulty.

So Doceri it is for me. Easy connectivity, swift response, direct exporting to Dropbox all make it the best that I’ve tried.