I was working late into the night last night (ok, partly because I had given up sweets for Lent and wanted some chocolate after midnight) and finished the business unit for my sports course. Students sometimes complain that my tweets wake them up; it happened the other day when I sent one at 10.30 on a school night (this is at least partly a generational difference; my phone is nowhere near my bed). So I figured 12.30 AM, even on a Sat. night, might not be the best choice. I seemed to remember reading or hearing somewhere that Twitter clients can schedule tweets so I figured I’d see if TweetDeck could. It could, and I scheduled one for today at 12.30 (just changed the AM to a PM). My question then became whether it would send with the computer off / asleep. It seemed less than productive if it couldn’t / didn’t, but I wasn’t quite sure how that would work. In any case, it did indeed send. One of my students has already signed up for the Doodle poll that was part of the unit / tweet. So good job, TweetDeck.