I had a paper due for a grad class I’m taking and had to spend the day it was due at a friend’s house watching our kids. I had of course brought my laptop but had forgotten some of my research on my home computer. It wasn’t in Dropbox (stupidly) so I was stuck without it. I remembered, though, that one of the Splashtop apps (I thought) could access the computer remotely. Honestly, I wasn’t hopeful. I’d never used this particular app, wasn’t sure my Splashtop Streamer was updated on the home computer, and just was skeptical about the functionality in general.

But indeed, when I dialed up Splashtop Remote on my iPad, it picked up both the laptop I had with me at my friends’ house and my desktop at home (with an icon to indicate that it was off site). I tapped the desktop and, there it was, the screen of my computer at home, 10 miles away. I navigated my Documents folder via my iPad and opened the research I needed. Perfect.

So, thank you, Splashtop Remote, for getting me to bed at least an hour or two earlier the night my paper was due.