I use GameChanger to score the softball games on the iPad and it does a great job, covering pretty much every eventuality on the field (and there are a lot) and crunching all of the numbers for us. This is the first year that I can’t not use it. On varsity we need an official book for the game. On JV if I missed a few this or couldn’t use it because of the weather, it wasn’t a big deal but nit so in varsity. So obviously rain had to be factored in.

I half-heartedly looked for a waterproof case but liked my good ol’ fashioned Apple iPad 1 black flip case and didn’t want to give that up. The plan was a Ziploc bag. J figured it would cover the iPad, let me put my hands in there to control the iPad, and as long as I kept it angled up, everything would be fine.

So yesterday was our first game in the rain and out came the Ziploc. Kind of a pain but doing its job. Until some of the girls on the bench told me that the touch screen worked through the bag. And lo and behold they were correct. Who knew? (Well, they did.) But that made life much easier. I could seal the bag and still work the iPad.

If anyone does have a waterproof case they like, I’d like to hear about it but for now my trusty Ziploc works just fine.