A few months ago Leisha sent a book my way entitled What Works in K-12 Online Learning; I’ve just now finished it. It was a bit disappointing because it was written in 2007, so much of it is dated, but I earmarked the pages with links to see what was still live and if anything was still good. A number of the links did work and some seem helpful, so here’s the list:

  • Cloze Generator. Full sentence is input and then sentence-with-blanks is input. Limit of 10 per cloze. Becomes an interactive web-based exercise. Can be saved as html.
  • Sentence Scrambler. Input up to 10 sentences and then it will scramble them. No interactivity but is generated in printable-worksheet form.
  • Flow Chart Creator. Gliffy.com allows the creation of flow charts and diagrams either in isolation or for use in other documents. The interface is a bit complex visually and it seems that the free account will only let you make five charts (though this wasn’t entirely clear) but it seems like a powerful tool.
  • Venn Diagram Creator. This is an ingeniously simple little site. It gives you the two circles of a Venn Diagram, allows you to add additional circles, and to add elements to the circles.
  • Clip Art Resource. A series of clip art images specifically for language. They are listed by categories and then in groups of 10. The individual images aren’t identified so they have to be browsed but there are 1500 different images.