As many of you know, I experimented with a blended classroom during the end of 3rd and most of 4th quarter in my college English 4 class. Initially, we met for three days and didn’t meet for three days (full classes meet for six of eight days). The regularity of our meeting and not-meeting became less consistent as the experiment went on because of scheduling (April break interrupted the cycle) and our work (I felt it was more productive to use our class time to meet individually with students as the year went on). I’ll write more about my experience with the blended classroom but I wanted to post here the students’ reactions. I gave them a survey via our CMS; 28 of 49 students completed the survey.

I let these results stand on their own. I have not edited or removed any of the open responses. I will only say the following: the open ended questions were more positive (overall) than I expected; I was expecting more negative comments. The statistics surprised me because of the prevalence of no change in the answers. On the other hand, of the remaining percentages (i.e. the non-no change answers), the statistics largely end up positive: (in order) responsibility: 35.7 v. 32.1; enjoyment: 53.6 v. 10.7; use of time effectiveness: 24.9 v. 42.8; quality: 32.2 v. 21.5; stress: 32.2 v. 28.6 (and this one where the higher is the negative); grade: 17.9 v. 21.4; meeting with teacher: 64.3 v. 7.1.

So here they are. Let me know what you think. I’m interested in continuing exploring the blended environment but admittedly this is my only experience with it. And, as I said, I’ll write more about my own impressions of it later this week.

Blended Survey Stats '12-'13

4. Open question
Please comment on your experience with the blended environment. What did you like? What did you not like? How did you change as a student? etc. Any insight you can give is appreciated.
  • I get that its trying to make people have to work more, but i just saw it as a free. I think most people just did all their work the night before. I did like the mandatory meetings because they help get me on track. It didn’t really change the way I study or the way I work. It could be used to bribe people to get their work done earlier in the year… Anyway, overall it was fun, but not super useful to my education.
  • for me this wasn’t worth it. I couldn’t get my assignments in on time so having no late work really hit my grade hard. It was also hard to keep track of when we did and didn’t have class because you would change that days for extra conferences. I did however like that you toted us so we knew when our conference was incase we forgot. If this was a sink or swim exercise then I drowned.
  • Nothing changed for me personally. However, having class periods for just meeting up was very helpful because it gave more one on one time and was easier to convey questions, concerns, etc. without the hectic classroom.
  • I liked the responsibility it almost forced you to have, or it would impact your grade.  I felt having so much free time almost made assignments more urgent. I think its a good thing to do at the last half of the end of the year. Because its pretty much the reality to college work, meeting only a few times a week, but its the students choice and responsibility to meet with their teachers themselves.
  • I liked no class but i didn’t like not knowing if i had class or not
  • While it was nice to have more free time it was difficult to properly manage that time. The reminders of class were gone and assignments were often left forgotten.
  • I thought that the blended environment was perfect for the situation that us as students were in. For instance, the fact that this is how our schedule will be in the future as college students, it was good to get used to meeting with a teacher outside of class and balancing my work and time. As a student I became more capable of evaluating my time and feeling less pressure of work.
  • I liked how we had a free for some english classes but I didnt like how we barely knew when things were due and what we needed to do for class.
  • I liked it a lot, it was a nice break from having class. I don’t think it really effected me as a student because I was still able to complete my work on time.
  • the only thing i didn’t like was i never knew what was due for the next class and always felt rushed and stressed when doing the homework’s. I did like having the frees, it made it feel more like college
  • Gave me time to do my other work
  • I liked the conversations and class discussions. I did not like get a lot of project at one time. I became more independent throughout the year. I really enjoyed the class this year. I was always interested and facinated in what we were learning
  • I liked how we were able to have free time. I did not like how sometimes we had a lot of work due in a week, sometimes more than usual. I was able to be responsible but have free time as well.
  • good class Mr. D we had a good year
  • I liked the blended environment as it gave us an idea of what it would be like in college. I think you should continue to do this but just be harsher with your deadlines. As in being more strict with them.
  • I liked that we had class less often and it became more like a college class and I had to manage the work better. I didn’t like at first because I had a tough time managing the work.
  • Honestly the blended environment was good and bad. Obviously i liked not having class, but it was hard to keep up with what was assigned. I feel like i fell behind with work, but it was a lot easier to make it up with these free periods. The one thing i wish was better was that it was more clear about what was due on what days.
  • The way I learn as a student is in class. So the way this program is designed is not great for a kid like me. I would recommend doing this for one reason is because it is like a college class.
  • I didnt really like the blended environment. It was surprisingly hard to use computeres in english this year other than writing the essays because we had to use them to take notes from looking at the board and that was kind of difficult.
  • Overall i really liked the blend. It was hard keeping track though of what really needed to get done and when. I think the directions need to be more clear on where to find all the assignments. Other then that i really enjoyed the blend. Thanks for a great year Mr. D.
  • I liked the opportunity to be mature and have a college feel while still in high school. I didn’t like how we didn’t have class three days because I knew it was going to be hard for me to do work when I knew I could be working(landscaping) or catching up on sleep. The only change I had as a student was definitely leaving all my work until the last minute, but I’m sure part of that was from being a senior cause all my work was on time last year! I do believe this was a good experience because it gets you ready for college and makes you be more responsible about your school work.
  • I liked how we did not have to go to class every day of the cycle and it gave us more time to work on our projects so we did not have to use our own time to do so. I didn’t like how it was cut out all of a sudden. I have never been good with big change like that so it was a little stressful to have that much responsibility thrown on me in one day, and this caused my grade to not be so good. However, it was a good learning experience for me on how to manage my time and a good transition for college life next year.
  • As a student I don’t do any work, either way I wouldn’t have come to class or have done the work. However I did like the idea of it. And if I put in the effort, it would have been a very helpful thing for me.
  • I liked meeting with you because it helped me clarify some of my specific questions. It took me a while to get used to having to do some of the assignments outside of class because I had trouble knowing what was assigned and when it was due, but eventually I got the hang of it.
  • I liked how we could use class time to meet with you about papers and projects. Before you’d have to finagle a time that works between both of us but because of it happening during class time it was much easier. It made me more responsible for my work, making me do whatever it takes to get it done on time.
  • The blended environment was a fun activity to do it was very informative on a lot of things this year. However it didn’t change me as a student because I was already pretty good at advocating for myself in high school and getting help if I needed it. But over all I feel that this class was a help and fun to have.
  • its real good to teach responsibility and initiative to learn on the students behalf, but its real hard to keep up and care to keep up when we are seniors and don’t have class…ever.
  • I thought that in the case with our class it was a good idea, but if it were any other class i dont think that it would have worked out well.The only reason why it was good with our class was because class was almost useless when people were at their worst. I found myself not using my time very effectively and noticed that a lot of people didnt use the time effectively either. I dont think that people see that the free periods were supposed to be used for work and not just socializing.However, the frees were a nice thing to have sometimes because if you actually needed to get work done, you had another free to do work.