Thanks to CANE (the Classical Association of New England) and one of their discretionary grants I was able to purchase Screenflow, a screencasting program that has an iMovie-like interface but has tools that are of a more educational nature (think interactive white board tools plus iMovie editing). I’ve not yet been able to use it for the classroom, largely because the lessons I’d want to make would take too long at this point; that will be a summer project. But to introduce myself to it and train myself on it I’ve been experimenting with some short instructional soccer clips.

So this is my first attempt. Pretty bad. The barely-visible red arrow and blue circle toward the beginning (around the 5 second mark) and the green arrow a little later are mine. The numbers and the flashing arrows came with the video.

This is my second attempt. Much better. I felt like I started to actually take advantage of the reason I bought Screenflow and was able to produce something that might actually be helpful (to those looking to improve their first touch).

So this was very encouraging and I look forward to using Screenflow more as I explore flipping the classroom and the best ways to do that.