My Twitter adventures are well documented here (for better or worse) but let this be yet another installment. My Classical Lit class is writing their comedy paper in which they compare an ancient piece of comedy to a modern piece of comedy. The students enjoy it of course because they get to go through their comedic favorites. Inevitably, with season 4 just released on Netflix, Arrested Development came up. Coincidentally the New Yorker tweeted its column on the new Arrested Development, which did a nice job of analyzing some of the comedy sources of the show, which is one of the more difficult parts of the paper, i.e. analyzing something that the students are used to reacting to unconsciously (i.e. comedy / humor).

I wanted to retweet it but I follow everyone on my non-class Twitter account and tweet my class-related info using TweetDeck. I rarely retweet in general but have never done it via TweetDeck, but I figured this was a good time to try. And I am happy to report that (should have been no surprise) it was as easy to retweet via TweetDeck as it is to do everything else. I was able to choose from which account to send the retweet, with multiple accounts possible, and was able to edit the retweet.

So, since it’s around 7 AM, I probably woke up half my class with a tweet sending them to a blog on Arrested Development in the New Yorker.