After my research into MOOCs for school, I decided to investigate a bit on my own and see what the courses were all about. I’ve been browsing Coursera more than Udacity or edX because Coursera seems to have the greatest variety of courses, especially in terms of the humanities, and indeed I found a number of courses on Coursera that overlap with material that I teach.

I enrolled in a number of courses, but the one I spent a good amount of time in was the Greek and Roman Mythology course. The weeks are set up with a number of video lectures that probably average around 8 minutes on separate topics. And there might be 8ish lectures per week. There are also quizzes to go with the lectures, multiple choice that cover the material. (I was less than impressed with the quizzes because they seemed a bit too skewed to eliminate toward the right answer, i.e. a number of choices seemed silly; I admit that I know a good amount of the material beforehand, so I can’t speak to them from the perspective of someone approaching the material for the first time.)

The videos, however, are downloadable, which presents a pretty amazing resource, especially for a teacher looking to flip. I sampled a few of them, and they seem to be a talking head (or really torso) in front of a very simple powerpoint presentation (or at least ppt format), i.e. a title and then shifting graphics behind the head / torso. The lectures seem relatively dynamic and on point, so I can see potentially using them if I flip.

Perhaps better, though, is to pull our small snippets of the video that can be integrated into presentations that I put together, perhaps more dynamic presentations that incorporate more graphics and interactive elements.

Either way, though, such resources, free to subscribe to, present a wealth of potential for teachers looking to flip.